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Morocco Recommendations

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

See the Sahara Dessert at sunset, stay in a riad and roadtrip the country

Prices (USD): Food: $5-$10 meal (breakfast is usually included with room+board) Beer: Booze free country. You can find some wines if you're lucky! Stay: $10-$15 for a dorm in a hostel (always mixed gender) Flight: $~600 from NYC - MNL in January. Upwards of $1,500 Internet (SIM Card): Domestic Flights:


Stay Pink Manila Hostel $7/night. It was the worst hostel I ever stayed in but I appreciate it for the experience. It is highly rated, I'm assuming it was just me. Do Casa Manila MuseumManila Ocean Park

SM Mall of AsiaPlaza Roma


Travel MNL to KLO: 60 min & $20 + 2 hour van ride & $4MNL to MPH: 70 min & $31 + 5-10 min trike & $1 + 10 min Ferry to Boracay Port $4(Both will require another trike to your stay) Stay MNL Hostel $12/night Do Diniwid Beach (secluded from the other touristy sites)Sunset Sail ($2/person was what we haggled)Willy's Rock Eat Spider House (restaurant on a small cliff where you can jump right into the water)Sushi Shi-ro (Japanese chef hand picks fish in the AM, cuts it right in front of you)



Travel MNL to PPS: 80 min & $24 Stay Tropic Dahlia Hostel $7/night Do Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour (book through your hostel)Underground River (book through your hostel)

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