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Cuba Recommendations


You can do Havana in two days. There's more to see outside the bustling city.


1) Hostal Red $12/night for dorm

+ Huge breakfast, towels linen included with stay

+ The nicest casa owners who are there to help you. Plus: they speak English too

+ Far from downtown but a $10 cab (classic car is about double)

+ I met the best travelers here

+ Bar: La casa de bombilla verde has an acoustic show and beers

2) DRobles $9/night for dorm

+ I didn't stay here, I chose to stay at Hostal Red but the location seemed like it was in the "ghetto"


+ I didn't write anything down, just walked in anywhere that was open

+ Hotel Inglaterra: In downtown Havana where I went for drinks and a live show with locals dancing


+ Santa Maria Beach is a short 20 min cab ride and a 'nice' place to go to beat the heat after sight seeing. I went at low tide and had to swim with my sneakers because of the rocks. Beach is littered but the water makes up for it

+ Just take a cab downtown (Plaza de Armas) and walk through everywhere, it's all close together

+ Plaza de Armas has beautiful architecture on cobble stone streets with restaurants and shopping all around


I've been to the top beaches in the world, but this really deserves more recognition.


1) Elys' Casa $40/night private

+ Towels, WiFi included. Stocked fridge for a little extra

+ Super kind. La abuela loves to talk to the travelers. They're both super helpful, can speak English and have recommendations of their own.

+ Close to a shopping center for WiFi cards, food, drinks, shopping and Western Union

+ A block away from the beach, really the best location


+ La Vitrola has an amazing menu. They ask where you're from and put your country's flag on the meal!


+ La Casa de Musica $10 cover but I didn't go in to club. I sat outside with travelers and had beers outside. There was a constant line so looked like a good spot!


Trinidad was my favorite. So rich in color and beautiful.


+ I was the only traveler in the two days but they were expecting travelers to arrive when I left

+ Lovely 10 min walk from the bus station

+ Amazing rooftop hangout spot with a hammock where they serve a huge breakfast


+ El Dorado is conveniently right outside the bus station and has amazing food and service


+ Roughly 10 minute walk into the center

+ Go in early to check out the market place where vendors are all along the streets

+ National Museum of the Struggle Against Bandits is okay, interesting and easier if you can read Spanish.

+ Colonial Architecture Museum was more interesting

+ Museums are downtown and very close together

I didn't get to to check out Cienfuegos or Vinales because I was strapped for cash. (You can read the beginnings of all that here)

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