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Bali Recommendations

I went to Bali in 2015 and 2016 and each trip was different. It's amazing how much a place can change in just a year.

Prices (USD):

Food: $3-$10 meal (breakfast is usually included with room+board)

Beer: $1-$2 local domestic Snorkeling: $65/person roughly

Flight: $~600 from NYC - DPS in January. Upwards of $1,500 in peak season (July)

Scooter Rental: starting from $6/day

Internet (SIM Card): ~$5 for 2 weeks, different plan packages for phone, text, data

*TIP*: Use Grab not Uber to book a ride. Uber is frowned upon and controlled by the "mafia" locally. My Uber called me frantically saying his life was at risk if he were to take me to the airport.


1) Canggu: Honestly the highlights from my trip was because of this tiny town

  • Kuta- big party scene, known for their nightlife. I was warned by other tourists that the crowd is young, around 18 years old. 

  • Seminyak- popular for girls, lot of shopping, boutiques. Check out Seminyak Square for commercial and upscale food and shopping

  • Legian- don't know much but its between the two.

  • Canggu- Surf and yoga spot. If you don't know how, there are lessons! Really good cheap food and less touristy and crowded than Seminyak and Kuta.


Echoland (Canggu) is $10/night dorm and $25/night private room

M Boutique (Seminyak) $10/night private capsule

Bali Villas Group  (Tabanan) $46/person for 3 bedroom luxury villa


2) Ubud: Spiritual bustling place of hippies and yogis

  • Spend a few days here. Big hippie spot, many food options! Must see: Monkey Forest and Tegalalang Rice Terrace. You'll see a dozen rice terraces just traveling around the island, but this is the most popular


Masna's House $17/night for a private room and minutes from downtown. Amazing family who will help book your adventures and book a scooter. Amazing breakfast included as well!


3) Gili Islands: The commercial paradise of Indonesia

  • There are no cars or scooters, just horse drawn carriages and bikes. Electricity is on/off. Also far, like a 5 hour boat ride. Stay a couple days here if you go. Each island is different:

  • Gili Trawangan (universally known as Gili T) is by far the most cosmopolitan, its bar and party scene vibrant, its accommodation and restaurants close to definitive tropical chic. Gili Air has the strongest local character, but also a perfect mix of buzz and languor. Gili Meno is simply a desert-island getaway


4) Uluwatu: Day trips to the beaches and temples

  • Uluwatu Water Temple

  • Dreamland Beach was beautiful. Pristine and blue in 2015, brown and littered in 2016.


5) Nusa Lembongan: Small island ~1 hour away from Seminyak by fast boat.

  • Pretty remote and removed island so the food wasn't great and the power kept going out. Make sure to charge your external batteries!

  • Snorkeling! (I booked my trip here)



6) Volcano Hikes: Overnight hike to watch the sun rise, need a few in a group to book the tour with a guide. I did it from Canggu. Must do!!

  • Mt. Agung- 10,000 ft high (3,000 m), 4 hours to climb up and 4 hours down. The hardest and most rewarding thing I've ever done. Average is 3 up and 3 down but our group was slower. Some can do it in 2 up/down.

  • Mt. Batur- 5,600 ft high (1,700m), about 2 hours up and 2 hours down. 

*Tip*- If you do hike, bring a sweater/leggings, etc. It gets cold at the peak. Also bring snacks, tour guides carry some cookies, light breakfast and headlamps that'll die in 30 min. They speak no English.

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